The National Merchant Buying Society (NMBS) has announced the array of social activities that will be available to delegates at next year's All-Industry Conference in Sorrento, Italy.

As well as a two-day Business Conference packed with world-class speakers, delegates will be able to enjoy exclusive activities that showcase the culture, traditions and beautiful landscapes of the Sorrento region.

The social activities are being jointly sponsored by Velux, Polypipe and Knauf. The headline sponsor for the 2020 conference is Makita.

Day trip to Capri

There are four different activities to choose from on Thursday 18 June 2020, with the first being a day trip to the stunning nearby island of Capri.

Attendees will be taken on a taxi tour of the island, accompanied by local guides. During the trip, and after a delicious lunch, guests will have time at their leisure to shop, explore the area further or simply relax for the afternoon.

Biking Tour

Alternatively, delegates who want to get off the beaten track can see the sights of the Sorrento Peninsula on a Mountain Bike Tour. Following the hill path, bikers can enjoy the striking views of the Bay of Naples and Salerno, before making a pit stop at a country farm to sample local delicacies. This 4-5 hour tour covers a distance of 10km, making it suitable for novice and expert bikers alike.

Hiking Tour

Those delegates who would like to stretch their legs can, instead, choose to take part in a guided Hiking Tour along the Amalfi Coast. The ‘Sentiero degli Dei’, known as ‘The Path of the Gods’, links the tiny hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle.

Amalfi Drive

The final option for the Thursday is a drive along the winding Amalfi cliff-top road. Said to be one of the most spectacular roads in Europe. Drivers will head to Positano, a village perched on the mountainside and overlooking the sea. They will then have time to explore the cobbled streets.

By midday, drivers will then make their way to the thriving resort of Amalfi - a cluster of white, tightly packed houses that rise up the hillside. A three-course lunch will be served there, followed by leisure time for the afternoon.

Tour of Pompeii

NMBS has also arranged for an additional activity to be available to delegates following the close of the business section of the Conference on Saturday 20th June: a tour of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

NMBS delegates will be able to visit the city and discover how people lived in ancient Italy, seeing the elaborately decorated walls, mosaics and paintings for themselves.

All activities are subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sam Hunt, NMBS Events Manager says: “Visiting Pompeii is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that we knew many of our delegates would be keen to experience, so we were delighted to be able to secure this activity for next year’s NMBS Conference.

“Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are amazing places with beautiful scenery, and so the biking, hiking and driving tours give our delegates the chance to explore the area and see the sights in whichever way they would most prefer.”

The NMBS All-Industry Conference 2020 will take place between 18th and 21st June 2020. It has been given the theme of '2020 Vision'. Supported by headline sponsor Makita, the Conference will cover issues affecting the entire industry, including:

• Technology

• People

• Productivity

• E-Trading

• Innovation.

The Conference aims to give merchants and suppliers alike the chance to take time out from their day-to-day work to reflect and discuss new ideas, before returning to their businesses newly inspired and ready to implement new ideas.

As well as activities and a packed business conference, delegates will also have plenty of time to socialise with their peers and network during evening dinners.

More information about the NMBS Conference and the activities can be found online at