The head office team from NMBS has gone to impressive lengths in support of a number of different charities, by completing the Wolf Run challenge.

The only wild run in the UK, the Wolf Run champions the sport - and the spirit - of wild running. It enables participants to experience the excitement and challenges of running freely through raw, natural terrain. Combining off-road running, mud runs, trails and even obstacle runs, its 10k course covers open ground, woodland, water crossings and thick mud.

A group from across NMBS, including managing director Chris Hayward, took part as team 'NMBS Wolverines' and ran in the autumn Wolf Run, on 3 September. This was held at Welsh Road Farm outside Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Each Wolverine was sponsored to complete the course by colleagues, friends and family members, choosing their own recipients for any money raised. In total, the Wolverines collected in excess of £2,300.

The NMBS team openly admit they found the Wolf Run testing both physically and mentally. They had to content not just with running 10k, but also with open water swimming, climbing walls, wading through ditches waist deep in mud and climbing cargo nets, as well as many other challenges.

From a team building perspective, the Wolverines also said the event was exceptional. The sheer exertion, encouragement and mutual support needed to help each other across the finishing line proved to be an effective bonding experience.

They all listed the waterslide as one of the event highlights.

Speaking on behalf of the Wolverines, Chris Hayward said: "The Wolf Run was one of those events that left everyone involved absolutely exhausted but proud of themselves and of the wider team.

"We're all delighted that we completed it and that we've collected so much money for so many worthwhile causes."