Leading distributor to the heating and plumbing trade Navigator has introduced its new range of Europa 3 Angled TRVs under its MidBrass brand – available now from stock in merchants and buying groups.

It’s a reliable and versatile thermostatic radiator valve designed for optimal temperature control in domestic hot water systems. Featuring bi-directional flow, allowing for both single and double panel radiators effectively, its liquid-filled head ensures precise temperature regulation, whilst the frost protection function safeguards against freeing in colder environments.

The new TRVs come with a working pressure of 10 bar, a maximum flow temperature of 120 degrees C and maximum differential pressure of 1 bar. The MB 15mm Europa 3 Angked TRV is built for performance.

The new TRV from Navigator ensures precise and comfortable temperature control, prevents energy wastage and reduces heating costs. It offers long-lasting performance and reliability and is backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty for peace of mind. It even comes with a 15mm x 10mm compression reducing set.

You can contact Navigator today to find out more about the MB 15mm Europa 3 Angled TRVs and how they can enhance the heating systems you specify or install on 01234 781 234.