John Newcomb, CEO of the Builders Merchants Federation, has welcomed the election of Jo Swinson MP as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats by calling on her to help shape the debate in upgrading UK’s housing stock towards a more sustainable future.

Reacting to today’s announcement, John Newcomb said: “I congratulate Jo Swinson on her election as the Lib Dem’s first female Leader, and on becoming the youngest of the party leaders at Westminster.

“Ms Swinson’s election comes three weeks after Parliament legislated for a new committment to end the UK’s contribution to global warming with a net zero emissions’ target by year 2050.

“Given the Liberal Democrats’ long-held beliefs on energy and the environment, we hope she will keep up the pressure on Whitehall to convert warm words into concrete action to help people and companies move towards a low- or zero carbon future, especially in their homes and workplaces.”

“As a Business Minister, Jo was keen to advance the role of women in the workplace and encouraged companies to see the benefits of a having a diverse workforce. As the trade body for the building materials supply chain, the BMF is actively promoting diversity in an industry that can easily, but unfairly, be portrayed as being mainly for men. We hope Jo continues to champion this important cause.”

Newcomb is now looking forward to seeing Jo Swinson at the LibDem Party Conference due to be held in eight weeks’ time at Bournemouth.