On 3 February, 2015 the fulfilment of all conditions for the acquisition of the Sanitec Group by Geberit was announced.

As part of the integration of the two groups, Geberit has appointed Mark Larden as managing director for the integrated companies of Geberit and Twyford in the UK / Ireland.

Mr Larden will start his new role as of 7 April – until then, the current management teams continue to lead the business as usual.

Geberit thanks Brent Hudson for his successes with Twyford and is pleased to announce that he will take on a new role within the management of the combined business. Mr Hudson’s new role will be communicated along with the announcement of the new UK / Ireland management team.

The management team of the integrated companies will be announced by 7 April at which date the new roles become effective. From this day there will be no changes to the day-to-day operations as the breadth of the combined organisation will continue in parallel until further notice. Any changes to existing contact points within Geberit and Twyford will be communicated directly to all customers and stakeholders as they become effective.