S&D Sealants has continued a year of growth with the acquisition of one of the West Midlands leading mastic companies.

Stourbridge-based SEAM Sealants has grown to become one of the major players in the industry and is the latest company to come under the S&D banner.

The purchase of SEAM will give S&D a foot hold in the Midlands, enabling it to expand into a previously untapped market.

Nick Jones, managing director of S&D Sealants, said: “This is a progressive step for both companies and Mark and I feel that this union will prove hugely positive to both partners. S&D will benefit from Mark’s local knowledge and industry expertise, and SEAM will undoubtedly benefit from the size and strength of our organisation.

“From the point of view of our customers we also anticipate that the service which S&D and SEAM provides will reach an even higher calibre as a result of this partnership.”

Mark Wheeler, contracts manager at SEAM Sealants, said: “With S&D having such a good reputation within the construction industry for quality and service I saw this as an excellent opportunity to grow the business within the greater Midlands area.”

Mr Jones added: “Acquiring other businesses is very much part of our overall strategy for growth and in the next year we will be looking for other companies which we believe will add to the S&D brand. We are particularly keen in organisations in and around Manchester and Newcastle, two areas we already have work and would like to cement our position.”

In 2012 S&D Sealants enjoyed a five per cent growth and already the company looks set to improve on this in 2013 with increased activity and an ever-expanding order book.