Howarth Timber has continued to invest in its digital presence following the appointment of a new online manager.

The appointment of Rebecca Galyer to the position comes shortly after the launch of the company’s new website, which has put Howarth Timber at the forefront of the digital revolution taking place in the industry.

Ms Galyer, who was instrumental in the development of the website, is now responsible for overseeing the continued development of Howarth Timber’s online presence and its ability to meet the evolving needs of its customer base.

The website has been a roaring success since its launch, with a host of features designed to make life easier than ever before for professional tradespeople, such as the ‘Your Jobs’ and ‘Your Favourites’ sections.

Ms Galyer said: “The new website allows us to support our customers in a way that we’ve not been able to before, with the ability to manage accounts online and view live stock levels, as well as features such as ‘Click and Go’. It’s an exciting time and I’m looking forward to making sure both the site and Howarth Timber remains at the forefront of the industry.”