Wirquin has appointed four new members of staff to help build brand awareness and stronger relations among original equipment manufacturers, local and national merchants, retailers and distributers.

National sales manager, Kris Robinson is working with a team of seven regional business development managers across the UK and Ireland. They are meeting merchants and plumbers on a daily basis to develop long-term business relationships, explore new business opportunities and deliver new and innovative products.

The two new category marketing managers, Eleanor Johnson and Steve Benton, are representing the Macdee and Wirquin Pro ranges respectively. Their business plans and strategies will help to raise the two brand’s profiles, find gaps in the market to introduce new products and consequently increase sales.

Rebecca Leam joins the communications team to help raise Wirquin’s profile within the media, local community and sanitaryware industry nationwide. She is writing for internal and external publications, organising events, and helping with graphic design.