The Considerate Constructors Scheme has formed a new statutory board of directors.

The new board includes four independent non-executive directors: Roma Agrawal, a structural engineer; Richard Byrne, a health and safety director; Nick Coley, an entrepreneur within civil engineering and contracting; and Simon Harvey, a strategy and marketing director with a wealth of experience of launching consumer products to younger generations.

Considerate Constructors Scheme executive chairman Isabel Martinson leads the new statutory board of directors, which also comprises representatives from the schemes owners, Dr Diana Montgomery, chief executive of the Construction Products Association (CPA), professor John Nolan, chairman of the Construction Industry Council (CIC), and chief executive of CIC, Graham Watts OBE. Mike Petter joins the board as chairman of the new standing service and performance committee.

Ms Martinson said: “I am delighted to announce the newly formed statutory board of directors. The new directors bring experience and expertise across a wide spectrum of disciplines and industries, as well as a passion for the construction industry and the built environment. They are all fully committed to the ethos of the scheme’s vision to further improve the reputation and image of the industry and to change perceptions held by government, the general public, educators, careers advisors, parents and individuals, including the next generation and career changers.”

The new standing Service and Performance Committee, led by Mike Petter, will oversee the operational management of the scheme and will report in to the statutory board of directors.