Following the successful revamping of its Denso Tape packing labels and boxes, Winn and Coales (Denso) have given a new lease of life to the packaging for their Densostrip precast concrete sealing strips.

The updated design of the Densostrip boxes features a distinctive new logo that makes use of ther recognisable Denso insignia and acts as a mark of the brand's history and quality. The Winn and Coales Queen's Award for Enterprise logo is also featured on the packaging, along with the Made in Britain marque; a revered symbol of British manufacturing.

The use of the signatureDenso blue paired with a vivid magenta gives the containers a fresh, modern aesthetic that has a particular striking visual appearance: it's not just another brown box.

Densostrip is a rubber and bitumen compound that creates a permanently flexible, watertight seal when applied to the joint faces of precast concrete units. When used in conjunction with Densostrip primer and placed under compression, the sealing strip forms a long-lasting and effective seal that is resistant to chemical and biological attack. Densostrip can be used to seal precast concrete box culverts, manholes, inspection chambers, shafts, tunnels and pipe sections.

Winn and Coales refresh of its Densostrip packaging is testament to the confidence they have in the product and their long-running commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective sealing solutions for a variety of applications.