Circle Express has invested in a new fleet of Jungheinrich forklift trucks after the freight distribution company’s previous trucks came to the end of their lifespan.

The German vehicle manufacturer has supplied Circle Express with over 30 TFG counterbalanced trucks, in a range of capacities, on a multi-year contract hire deal.

Circle Express provides transport services for a host of air freight agents and their clients, with warehouses located near Heathrow, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford, Manchester and Exeter airports.

Circle Express’ freight-to-freight, cross-docking logistics model involves the unloading by forklift truck of airfreight at one of the company’s hubs. Loads are then stored before onward distribution.

“We wanted to ensure that our new trucks would be a popular choice not only with our truck operators for their comfort and safety but also with our finance department for their efficient running costs,” said Chris Ayres, depot manager at Circle Express’s LHR facility.

The company decided that Jungheinrich’s TFG range of hydrostatic counterbalanced trucks best served its needs.

The gas-powered trucks’ hydrostatic drive engines make changes in direction smooth, and allow forklifts to accelerate quickly.

Hydrostatic technology requires fewer mechanical components, meaning the trucks are low-maintenance and easier to service. As a result, truck downtime is kept to a minimum and whole life operating costs are low.

To assist Circle Express in meeting its Health & Safety responsibilities, Mr Ayres asked Jungheinrich to adapt the operating speed of each lift truck to best suit its environment.

“We were not only impressed by the Jungheinrich product but also by the level of after sales service the company is able to provide,” said Mr Ayres.