A new six-week induction programme launched by Champion Timber has been designed to give new employees “a great entry into the industry”.

The programme will teach new recruits about the milling, sourcing and sustainability of the Scandinavian timber supplied by Champion.

As part of the programme, new employees visit Champion Timber’s Edenbridge branch where all timber is milled in-house, stored and distributed to all ten branches. During the visit the new team members will learn why Champion only supplies superior timber from Scandinavian forests, and how the wood is cut to ensure the best product is available to customers.

Champion Timber Edenbridge employee Terry Hart (pictured) is currently going through the induction programme. He said: “I’ve been with Champion Timber for four weeks and, as I’ve not worked in the industry before, I’ve had to learn so much.

“The induction programme does not just give information about the different sizes and grades of the timber, but also explains where it has come from before it’s sold to customers, which has really helped me learn about all the different timbers we supply.”