Geoworks will ensure the market knows exactly where to go for the best geosynthetics advice, solutions and technical expertise.

Civil engineering specialist Wrekin Products has created Geoworks, a new identity and standalone division for its geosynthetics range.

Geoworks encompasses all of Wrekin’s existing geosynthetics offerings, including geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, geomats, geocells, and geocellular paving. Geoworks continues to offer a wide range of geosynthetic solutions for various industries, making their catalogue more comprehensive than others on the market. Merchants can also expect the same quality and service from Geoworks that they are familiar with through Wrekin, without any changes required to their systems.

Wrekin Products has invested substantially in resources, personnel, and market knowledge over the past 12 to 18 months. This initiative has led to a rebranding effort that signifies the next chapter of the company's ambitious plan to grow its presence and influence in the geosynthetics market.

David Fisher, Head of Geosynthetic Sales at Geoworks, said: “The launch of Geoworks is a pivotal moment in the history of Wrekin Products. Widely recognised for its ironwork offering, with Geoworks we now have the opportunity to stand alone and truly shine. This new identity and standalone division will ensure the market knows exactly where to go for the best geosynthetics advice, solutions and technical expertise. The strategic decision is based on increasing simplicity for merchants, specifiers, contractors, and end users alike.

“The Geoworks team is growing quickly, proving it’s an area of civil engineering and construction that offers excellent potential. With brownfield land, biodiversity, and construction output all making headlines recently, the need for innovative geosynthetics problem-solving and high-quality groundwork is set to drive Geoworks forward in close collaboration with the supply chain.”

Geoworks will serve a diverse audience, tackling the variety of challenges and applications present in geosynthetic projects. With a solution-based approach, Geoworks is able to tailor its services to meet the specific needs of each client and project. Several Geoworks products are suitable for residential applications and do not require specialist training or tools. This brings a consumer element to the brand, allowing Geoworks to target end users.

Simon Turner, Commercial Director at Wrekin Products, said: “From major infrastructure projects and housebuilding through to haul roads and embankments, geosynthetics play a key role in shaping the world we see today. As we continue to make the best use of all land and overcome potential everyday challenges, geosynthetics are only likely to gain more recognition for their importance.

“What makes Geoworks different is the interest in each and every project. Instead of simply selling products and moving on, our team provides technical expertise, specification, and design services to see a job through. These are the core elements of our service, which existing customers know to expect and can expect no less from Geoworks. However, there is a wide variety of projects and applications suitable for our geosynthetics products and solutions, leading to engagement with a diverse audience.

Geoworks has been continuously developing and expanding its geosynthetics package since 1995. In the last year alone, this has included working on projects across the UK such as Scottish wind farms and the ongoing construction of the HS2 line between London and Birmingham. In the future, the brand will be increasing stock holding and is always analysing new markets and opportunities.