The IPG has announced the appointment of a new Managing Director: Glenn Fisher.

The latest appointment, follows shortly on the heels of the announcement of David Cairns, as the selling group's Head of Supplier & Commercial Strategy and the opening of three flagship stores in 2019.

Fisher will be taking over from Founder and current Chairman Robin Beal.

Fisher, who has held various senior positions and is also a qualified accountant, brings a wealth of knowledge to the role, having worked with several owner-managed businesses. He is passionate in supporting independent companies and is keen to “Not just level the playing field, but reshape it in favour of our members, by creating an environment where they can thrive!”

Robin Beal, Founder and Chairman at The IPG, said: “I am pleased with Glenn’s rapid promotion within The IPG family. Glenn brings a wealth of experience and most importantly a passion for independent businesses. I am confident that Glenn’s experience and determined nature will be instrumental in leading The IPG forward in our strategy for 2020.”