The supply chain, which is the “blood in the veins of the UK economy”, would suffer from a 'no-deal' Brexit, according to the Freight Transport Association.

This comes as the first of the government’s 'no-deal' Brexit papers was published last week, in which Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab set out what he called “practical and proportionate advice” in case the UK leaves the EU with 'no-deal'.

But Sarah Laouadi, European Policy Manager at the FTA, said it does not give enough detail about certain aspects that business owners will need to know about, such as road haulage, vehicle permits and air freight, and that it does not provide workable solutions to keep the country trading.

Laouadi said if a deal cannot be agreed, the supply chain would face problems involving customs and border arrangements, the continuity of trade agreements, and the continuation of access to EU workers – areas that she calls “key to the continued success of British business, both at home and abroad.

"’No-deal’ would be disastrous for logistics”, she said. “The UK's supply chain is the blood in the veins of the UK's economy. Without quick progress on the key elements that FTA has outlined, the resulting disruption could have disastrous impacts for British and EU business.

“A no-deal agreement should only be considered once every opportunity to reach a deal has been explored. Negotiators on both sides need to keep working to ensure that Britain and the EU keep on trading, day in, day out."