Polypipe Building Services has seen sales of their market leading multi-layer noise-reducing Terrain Q drainage system rise by almost 20 per cent since its launch in 2021 as city living becomes popular again post-pandemic.

As people have gradually returned to the office, property price inflation in most UK cities has outstripped surrounding areas as city living has become attractive again driving up demand and fuelling an increase in build to rent developments according to Zoopla’s latest Rental Market Report.

The multi-layer push-fit drainage system is already a popular choice in a variety of commercial high-rise buildings but is growing in popularity for use within residential high-rises as contractors seek out premium products which minimise structure-borne sound while also meeting stringent fire regulations.

Made from polypropylene, Terrain Q contains mineral-reinforced plastic with an anti-fouling additive which keeps the bore clear and resistant to deposit build-up which helps reduce noise levels within the drainage system. As a complete system it also includes pipe brackets and connectors with rubber bases to further absorb and disperse noise vibrations, and as a push fit system it is simple to install as no welding or adhesives are needed.

Polypipe Building Services Product Manager, Chris Goodwin, said: “Terrain Q was engineered specifically to minimise the passage of sound throughout high-rise buildings and has a 20 dB structure-borne sound rating.

“I think the lifestyle expectations of people living within high-rise buildings has increased, and by offering a product with the triple benefits of reduced noise, better fire safety and improves the performance throughout the lifecycle of the building by preventing encrustation build-up within the system. It’s also a win-win for facilities managers and engineers too.”

Terrain Q has a best-in-class fire classification for an organic material when tested to BS EN 13501 and includes an external blue layer which provides resistance to attack from UV radiation, fire, and impact damage.

To find out more about Polypipe Building Services Terrain Q noise-reducing drainage system go to www.polypipe.com/this-is-our-terrain/terrain-q