Norbord recently sent a soft toy owl to each MP and Lord in Westminster as part of its Use Wood Wisely initiative.

Use Wood Wisely challenges the  legislation that promotes the burning of virgin wood. It is part of Norbord’s larger Better By Nature campaign, in which the company tackles environmental issues affecting the UK and debates the pressing need for sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Karl Morris, Norbord’s senior vice president, European operations, explained: “Norbord's overall positioning is that virgin wood in the UK should go through an appropriate cycle of use before it is burned to generate electricity.

“For instance, using wood to build houses or produce furniture will lock up the CO2 for several decades as opposed to burning it immediately, which will ultimately release it straight back into the atmosphere. Wood should be used in such a way before burning it. The purpose of approaching parliament is to make MPs and Lords aware of this and take action.

“More specifically, we are looking for legislation whereby power generators should be required to be transparent in declaring the source of wood they use for fuel. If their fuel supply strategy proposes using wood from Britain’s forests, Ministers should be able to reject the strategy if they think that it will impact unfavourably on the supply of wood to other industries in Britain that use wood to make items for homes and industry."

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