It was announced back in January that builders’ merchants would remain open and classed as essential businesses throughout the third national lockdown. To support this, Norton Clipper has announced the release of its newly updated Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade, guaranteeing a price freeze on the upgraded product to encourage sales for distributors.

Enhancing control and performance, the Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade ensures a more precise, quicker and sharper cut when compared to its predecessor, and is available in a complete range of sizes, from 115mm to 350mm, to suit all cutting requirements.

Ideal for general building materials such as bricks, paving stones and other common onsite applications, the new blade is specifically designed to speed up cutting time and reduce overall abrasives costs for contractors. Additionally, the increased segment height of the blade from 10mm to 12mm, which have been upgraded to i-HD denser segments, ensures a longer product life with fewer blade changeovers.

While the density of the blade can ensure optimum safety against segment loss, the concise grooves on the blade work to reduce surface contact – minimising friction between the blade and material, and ensuring an easier and more precise cutting process, even after multiple uses.

A change in the design of the updated blade has also allowed for better evacuation of dust, increasing visibility and safety for the operator.

Norton Clipper’s Pro Universal Blade can be used on a range of machinery, including masonry saws for both wet and dry cutting, with operators noticing a smoother and more controlled process.

Renowned as the cutting product of choice in the construction and building industries, products in the Norton Clipper range are known for their durability, quality and expert finish – and this new addition is no exception.

To help stockists quickly and easily locate the correct tool for their customers, the Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade has been colour coded in blue and includes images of the correct applications and machinery.

Colin Knight, National Sales Manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, comments: “As the UK construction industry stays operational and vital to the local and wider economy, we at Norton Clipper understand the importance of supporting the sector in any way that we can.

“We hope that by offering the updated Pro Universal Laser Diamond Blade at the same price as its predecessor, this will help to drive sales for builders’ merchants across the UK.”

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