Olympic Fixings, a leading supplier of fasteners and fixings to merchants and wholesalers, have chosen EazyStock inventory optimisation software in a major move to improve their inventory planning capabilities.

With customer service at the heart of everything they do, Olympic Fixings recognise that stock availability is a critical factor to their customers’ success, particularly with the growth in ecommerce and click and collect services. Their adoption of EazyStock software will allow the team to focus on supply chain reactivity and push service levels and efficiency to the next level.

Olympic Fixings have always used their ERP system to manage their inventory, but felt it was time to automate more of their stock management processes, including demand forecasting, inventory classification and reordering. They turned to EazyStock for a more advanced solution. With EazyStock connected to their ERP, Olympic Fixings will be able to optimise their inventory investment, reduce levels of excess stock and improve how they manage supplier lead times.

Paul Gordon, Managing Director at Olympic Fixings said, “We’re fully focused on continually enhancing the service we provide to our customers. With ecommerce growing across the industry, we want to help our customers fulfil all of their orders first time, every time. We believe our investment in EazyStock will help us do just that.

We are looking forward to embracing a new, automated approach to forecasting demand and managing our inventory levels. With EazyStock we hope to forecast with greater confidence and remove surplus stock from our supply chain”.

Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock, concluded, “Inventory optimisation tools, such as EazyStock, are critical to ensure stock availability. EazyStock is a flexible software add-on to any business system and can be customised to the needs of our customers. By utilising EazyStock’s ability to generate order proposals that consider dynamic demand forecasts, stock levels and supplier lead times, Olympic Fixings will be well-positioned to meet their customers’ needs both now and in the future."

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