Saint-Gobain has urged collaboration between construction workers at every stage of development to combat overheating in homes.

Jade Lewis, advocacy leader for Saint-Gobain, spoke after the release of results of the Overheating in Homes survey conducted by consultancy firm Sustainable Homes, in conjunction with non-profit organisation, Zero Carbon Hub.

The open survey revealed that 65% of respondents were concerned about overheating in residential properties. It also showed that 37% of respondents did not have strategies in place to assess the risk of overheating.

Of the 75 respondents undertaking the survey, 21% were from housing associations and councils, in addition to a number of private developers, private landlords, builders and companies providing retrofit services.

Ms Lewis said: “To overcome the day to day problems and increase quality and standards in buildings it is clear that there needs to be collaboration with all project stages from design, through to construction and final operation.

“No one company has the whole answer but working with our stakeholders, and advocating for improvements in government processes like SAP, we can provide appropriate specifications that will help designers and end users realise better buildings.

“This is why Saint-Gobain supports initiatives such as Zero Carbon Hub’s Overheating Project, which works with government, industry and academic experts to create long-term frameworks to address such issues.

“Overheating should not be treated as an isolated issue, but rather as a result of multiple elements. A whole-house approach is therefore the best way to ensure buildings provide us with comfortable, healthy habitats.

“That’s why Saint-Gobain recently launched Multi-Comfort – a holistic approach to building and design, to encompass key areas of comfort in buildings and go beyond energy-efficiency as a standalone measure,” Ms Lewis added.