One of the big difficulties for consumers in the building supplies industry is often being unable to visualise what the finished product will look like; whether it’s new cladding, window trims or even guttering.

With that in mind, Gutter Supplies, part of the PBSL Group has created a 'Gutter Visualiser' which allows the user to see exactly what their guttering products could look like when installed.

With three different property styles to choose from and more to come, the user can select the type of gutter they want to visualise, whether that be half round, square, ogee or any other variety, as well as the colour they want to see it in users can select the type of gutter they want to visualise from over 62 different combinations of styles, sizes, materials and colours available. They then have the option to zoom in, compare two different styles side by side, ‘share the look’ with friends and family or ‘buy the look’ directly from the site.

This innovative tool is packed with numerous customer benefits including:

· Try before you buy feature

· Compare two different gutter styles side by side to determine which would suit tastes and house layout better

· Share the look with family and friends

· Buy the look directly from the tool

· Simple to understand and use

Great care has been taken to ensure that this tool represents the actual product as accurately as possible, so the colours, shapes and sizes are all true to the products themselves.

This dynamic tool provides a user friendly way to bring guttering products to life and really shows the dramatic effect the various style-colour combinations can have on the look and feel of a home. Combined with various resources that help explain the functional aspects of the different guttering systems available, this tool is designed to help homeowners make a more informed decision and buy with confidence.

Suzana Bulearca, Head of Marketing for PBSL Group said: “We’re very excited about the launch of the new visualiser. It’s a fantastic addition to our offering and we are confident it will make it easier for customers to see what their preference will look like on a property and to compare various combinations side by side.

We are working on incorporating more property styles in the near future and are already envisaging advanced technology that could take the visualiser one step further in becoming a truly personal shopping assistant tool for our customers.”

To see the visualiser in action, please visit: