LUTTERWORTH: PTS managing director Alan Ball is progressing the campaign for a boiler scrappage scheme by appearing on BBC2 and appealing directly to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling MP.

After announcing his support for the scheme on behalf of the leading merchant and from his position on the board of the Builders’ Merchants Federation (BMF), Mr Ball was approached by the BBC to talk about the benefits it could bring to installers and the industry. To build momentum further, Mr Ball has sent letters to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling MP to advocate the reduction in carbon emissions and the lower fuel bills the scheme could instigate.

Mr Ball said: "I'm passionate about the boiler scrappage scheme as it has potential to benefit everyone - manufacturers, homeowners and most importantly for our industry, installers. The scheme would help to invigorate the industry by boosting the amount of boiler sales and as a result the number of installations taking place across the UK, not to mention the positive environmental impacts.

"The letters I have sent to the Houses of Parliament suggest that if everyone in the UK converted to high efficiency boilers, enough energy would be saved to heat 3.4 million homes, saving over 13 million tonnes of carbon. Crucially, the scheme would also secure employment in UK manufacturing and the distribution industry, whilst increasing the amount and value of work available to installers."

PTS announced early in September that it was backing the scheme which believes that the replacement of older boilers with high-efficiency, Band A, condensing models could bring numerous benefits to manufacturers, merchants and installers. It is envisaged that the scheme would offer similar economic and environmental benefits offered by the car scrappage scheme, introduced earlier in the year.

The petition to support the boiler scrappage scheme can be found at