KENT: Oy Puucomp Ab, Finnish supplier of veneered panels for building interiors,  has appointed Panel Agency as its agent for the UK and Ireland.

Puucomp's veneers are used to create luxurious bespoke interior surfaces for prestige building projects.

"Puucomp's quality bespoke veneered panelling regularly features in high profile building projects in Scandinavia," said Panel Agency managing director Mark Wilson.

"We've now established an efficient sample production and supply chain that makes Puucomp's quality bespoke panelling service a very simple option for UK building projects."

The choice of natural wood colours ranges from from white to almost black, and from green to red. Matching across very large surface areas is simple due to the nature of veneer, which allows up to a thousand square metres of panelling to be produced from a single cubic metre of wood.

Puucomp's veneer panel production process using substrates such as MDF, aluminium sheet or fibrous gypsum.

Puucomp panels meet fire safety standards and benefit from what is believed to be the most versatile customisation service in this sector: panels can be machined and treated to meet virtually any specification including acoustic performance, edge detailing, and with finishes such as stain, oil, paint and lacquer.

Panel Agency has specialised in sourcing high quality wood-based building products for almost 40 years.