Parker Building Supplies' Uckfield branch manager, Dave Chapman, has offered support to a local school damaged by the recent storms.

Firefighters were called to the local Holy Cross School in Uckfield, East Sussex, on Christmas Eve after high winds damaged the roof, causing rainwater damage to several classrooms. The crew moved a large number of computers to an unaffected part of the school and the electricity supply also had to be isolated due to water leakage.

Parkers' Uckfield branch provided the school with replacement roofing materials and other essential building products in order to make repairs.

Headteacher Justin Heath said: "We lost a large part of the felting from the school's south wing roof. This resulted in water leaking into many of the rooms. Staff, governors and kind volunteers have been working to secure the building and to protect as many resources as possible from water damage. We will continue to work through the Christmas holidays with East Sussex County Council and their contractors to assess the situation and maximize available space for the start of the new term. The school wish to thank Parker Building Supplies for their prompt attendance and help with materials."