Continal highlights how to make the most of low-temperature heating opportunities.

Merchants offer a wide range of products spanning the entire construction industry, from lightside to heavyside and everything in between.

This makes it challenging for even the most experienced staff to keep up to date with all the new legislation and technologies.

The latest changes to Building Regulation Part L have introduced new requirements for low-temperature heating systems to be installed in newbuild properties, and it is likely this will be extended out to existing systems in the years to come.

This means installers and tradespeople are increasingly looking to fit underfloor heating instead of radiators in domestic properties, since UFH is an established technology specifically designed to work efficiently with these lower temperatures. 

But UFH is not a one-size-fits-all product, so merchants looking to capitalise on these UFH sales need to partner with a reliable supplier that can take all the guesswork out of creating the right system for the job. 

And every merchant is different, too. Some like to hold stock and handle the quotation process themselves, while others prefer their suppliers to work directly with their customers and simply feed the invoice back to the merchant. That’s why Continal tailors its service offering to fit each individual merchant’s business - and their customers. 

Those who don’t want to hold the technical UFH expertise in-house can use Continal as an extension of their business, with orders delivered either to the yard or direct to site as required. 

Merchants can simply send Continal their customers’ plans and the company will design the best system, liaising directly with the installer until the project is complete, so the merchant can get on with their day-to-day work.

Continal works closely with all its merchant partners to make it as easy as possible to sell UFH products. Whatever is needed, Continal will handle as much or as little of the order and specification process as the merchant requires.

Continal is an independent supplier that prides itself on its high-quality customer service. Customers receive a fast, 48-hour turnaround on quotes, and can access expert technical knowledge at any point during the installation. 

The company can provide brochures and marketing collateral for merchants to keep on the trade counter for their customers, and because Continal offers a wide range of products, the system they recommend will always be the most suitable for the job. 

There are also trade mornings and trade days available where the Continal team can come to a merchant’s branch and help customers understand more about the latest UFH changes.