Pasquill, one of the largest suppliers of trussed rafters in the UK, is utilising digital design to better serve its customers.

Pasquill uses the MiTek Pamir 3D software that combines layout, engineering and output to create design structures in 3D. 

This computer-aided design (CAD) approach provides much more flexibility in the way the design is presented to the customer than traditional pencil and paper drawings. Every possible perspective of the design can be viewed, allowing to focus on intricate elements and to tackle problematic areas, potentially in coordination with architects and engineers.

Tim Tasker, Pasquill Technical Manager, said: "We've used CAD for several years to deliver plans effectively to our customers. MiTek provides our design team with the tools to create, amend and showcase a customer’s vision.

"What separates us from the competition is our involvement with the customer during the design process. We have a range of clients that are very specific with their requirements and others that only have a concept in mind — so it’s our aim to provide solutions and create visions for how these projects come to life."

Consultancy is integral to Pasquill’s approach. Self-builders are encouraged to meet with an experienced designer. In that way they have the opportunity to speak face-to-face and explain their vision and understand how that vision can become reality. Pasquill remains in contact with customers throughout the process to ensure the design meets their specifications.

Of course, not all customers go directly to Pasquill at the initial stages of a build but flexibility is an essential part of the approach, which permits retrospective advice or change of direction.

For more information on how Pasquill can create and manage a design, visit