Leading manufacturer of integrated piping systems, Pegler, has announced the latest addition to its market leading portfolio of brands with the launch of VSH MultiPress.

A new multilayer pipe system, VSH MultiPress, incorporates many revolutionary features as part of both its design and molecular construction that set it apart from other plastic piping systems.

The secret of VSH MultiPress pipe lies in the aluminium layer with additional inner and outer layers of polyethene (PE-X) and the way these layers are linked delivers enhanced resistance to loads generated by internal pressure and high temperature. The aluminium means there is minimum linear expansion, which delivers a performance comparable with copper, while the smooth surface prevents the buildup of scale and other debris making VSH MultiPress pipes corrosion and wear resistant, yet at the same time ensuring minimum pressure loss.

Amy French, Product Manager at Pegler commented: "By incorporating a quality plastic based piping system into our portfolio we really are the only UK leading manufacturer with a complementing product portfolio that can make any plumbing and HVAC system truly integrated."

The VSH MultiPress system incorporates many benefits for a variety of applications in domestic and light commercial plumbing projects including sanitary, heating and underfloor systems to name a few. Its heat free nature ensures that no hot works are needed whilst ease and the speed in which a quality joint can be made will not only provide the installer with reassurance but also the ability to reduce time spent on site.  In addition, the thermal memory of the pipe can reduce the number of fittings needed and therefore provide cost savings in terms of materials used and time on site.

The system, which includes a range of multi-profile press fittings from 16-63mm which are colour coded according to size for easy recognition, also incorporates the intrinsic benefits found within the VSH XPress range from Pegler. These include the unique ‘leak before press' feature in addition to the insertion depth control window of which both safeguard against incorrectly made joints and the problems they can cause.  Furthermore, the fittings can be pressed with both U and TH profile jaws and also offer optimal positioning of the press jaws for a fast and secure pressing.

Amy concluded: "While many multilayer systems seem the same on the surface, as with so many things you need to get under the skin to see what really makes certain products stand out. VSH MultiPress, developed using precise engineering techniques, offers high performance and reliability to ensure optimal quality of any installation."

VSH MultiPress comes with all required approvals, including WRAS, for further information visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk