PermaGroup has launched a reuse scheme diverting roofing membrane's cardboard tube packaging from landfill.

The schemes aims at tackling a significant industry problem with a simple yet effective solution. PermaGroup has offered to collect the cardboard tubes used to deliver EPDM roofing membranes from stockists, clients and competitors, as part of its usual delivery routes. PermaGroup will then reuse the tubes for future EPDM deliveries, supporting a more sustainable model.

Adrian Buttress, Managing director at PermaGroup, explained: “We’ve been really impressed with the uptake on our offer to collect the used tubes from those across the industry. EPDM is delivered in this way to avoid creases and folds, however, due to the talc on the tubes from the rubber sheets they can’t be recycled easily and as such end up in landfill.

“As we’re already transporting products across the country, it’s easy enough to pick up used tubes without adding additional miles. We’re not claiming to have solved the industry’s sustainability problems with this scheme, however, this relatively small and simple idea will ensure we’re reusing materials far more effectively and working together as an industry to do so.”

So far, PermaGroup has collected and reused 200 tubes. One business on board with the initiative is Rubber4Roofs, which, despite being a competitor of PermaGroup, wanted to support the efforts to reduce waste materials sector wide.

Dave McDowell, Business Development Manager at Rubber4Roofs, said: “It was a no-brainer to take PermaGroup up on the offer to recycle our tubes. As a company one of our core values is to be open and helpful and by working together with so-called competitors we can tackle common challenges, pursue opportunities, and drive innovation, which will benefit us both.

“Sustainability goes beyond implementing green strategies; it involves continuous innovation and collaboration to address complex challenges. Companies should integrate sustainability into all aspects of their operation and nurture a culture of responsibility. Small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all.”