Permaroof UK is set to make further investment in its head office in the New Year.

Following "exponential" growth during 2018 that saw its sales increase by a third, the company decided that it needed to move quickly to keep up with demand. So it has secured a further 20,000ft sq at its site in Alfreton, Derbyshire, giving it a total of 45,000ft sq.

Managing Director Adrian Buttress said: "To meet the demand the sales team have built over the past few years, it was inevitable we had to take on more warehousing. We have seen the sales of ethylene propylene diene monomer increase dramatically during 2018, and, with the plans of new product lines being released in 2019, it just made perfect sense.

"The extra space will create a trade counter for our collected customers, and larger cutting area for bespoke sheets of EPDM. It will also allow them to stock larger quantities of their regular fast moving items, which is crucial to their success. Permaroof’s commitment to always having everything in stock for next day delivery is paramount."

The new premises will also be the central hub for the Firestone insulation board that Permaroof UK has just started to offer the market. Large stocks will be held here ready for direct-to-site deliveries.

Buttress said: "We are really excited with this expansion as we have several new products to offer the market in 2019."

Permaroof UK intends to increase its warehouse team by taking on three new warehouse apprentices and four more sales staff when the expanded premises open in January.