Polypipe Building Services is introducing a service offering merchants the opportunity to recommend systems that can be designed and delivered ready to install on-site.

As the commercial sector looks to develop new on-site, offsite and near site methods to deliver projects more efficiently, Polypipe says the Polypipe Advantage service will allow merchants to help contractors better manage their project time, resource and costs.

The Polypipe Advantage team works with merchants to manage order placement and deliveries, according to an agreed project schedule, ensuring the systems needed are delivered when required on the project site.

Adam Cafer, Technical Manager at Polypipe Building Services, said: “Merchants are having to adapt to a competitive and changing market place. Any business that can offer access to additional services gain an advantage.

“With merchants given the option to engage the technical expertise of the Polypipe Advantage team as a trusted partner, we can offer greater technical support at the point of sale and provide recommendations on the best systems to meet the specific requirements of any project.

“This approach also offers wide-reaching sustainability benefits also. Because we deliver precisely what you need, and nothing more, there are no spare parts, or unnecessary waste to manage and dispose of.

“Polypipe Advantage supports you from design and planning to ordering, delivery, technical support and customer service – making everything simple.”