Polypipe Building Products has produced a white paper outlining how the new Ofwat-approved guidance on the planning, design and construction of foul and surface water drainage systems can be implemented by architects, designers, developers and contractors.

Entitled Code for Adoption Sector Agreements, the concise paper examines the Ofwat-approved Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG), introduced in April 2020, and the two key changes that will impact how foul and surface water drainage systems are designed, specified and installed.

Firstly the SSG clarifies the standards to which all materials must comply in order to be considered adoptable, making it clear that all sewerage companies must adopt systems that includes plastic pipes and fittings which are to the prescribed standards. Secondly the guidance enables Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to be considered part of the adoptable infrastructure for the first time.

This guidance greatly increases the options available to architects, system designers, technical consultants, developers and contractors when sourcing and installing below ground drainage systems on any significant development.

The Polypipe document has been written by technical experts that have worked closely with industry bodies developing the new guidance and offers clear advice and support in relation to the adoption of sewerage assets.

Richard Eddy, Below Ground Drainage Category Manager, Polypipe Building Products, said: “The new Sewerage Sector Guidance and the Design and Construction Guidance will have a significant impact on the design and implementation of below ground drainage systems for the next decade at least.

“For the first time the guidance brings all parts of England under the same standards for sewers adoption opening up a range of new approaches to installing drainage networks more suited to the available materials and technology.

“There is a lot to take in, so our technical team at Polypipe has been working to produce a guide that helps to break down the guidance into practical advice for use by designers, developers and contractors.”

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