The new AGC 18 cordless angle grinder from Festool

Festool welcomes a new addition to the 18-volt family: The new AGC 18 cordless angle grinder boasts a durable design and perfect ergonomic features for cutting work.

"With the new AGC 18, we are offering a battery-operated powerhouse that sets new standards both in terms of durability and with its excellent ergonomics. The new cordless angle grinder is suitable for carpenters, joiners and painters equally, as it can be used to complete cutting tasks and small sanding jobs on construction sites without any cables," explains José Kunze, trained carpenter and application specialist at Festool. Clever detail: The compact powerhouse fits into the Systainer with the battery and sanding tool fitted – so it takes no time at all to pack and unpack. The lockable spindle and quick-action clamping nut easily ensure fast disc changes while working without the need for tools. The AGC 18 also impresses with regard to ergonomics: The on/off switch is ideally positioned for cutting tasks – the entire device is perfectly balanced. In addition, the EC-TEC motor offers particularly smooth operation and low vibrations. To achieve this result, the motor and housing have been disconnected.

Brushless, powerful and durable

The brushless and therefore maintenance-free EC-TEC motor is at the heart of the new AGC 18. It sits in a completely sealed housing, which protects the EC motor against dust penetration. The intelligent control electronics are also enclosed in a sealed housing to prevent the ingress of dust. The dust resistance and durability, combined with the comprehensive Festool SERVICE offers, make the AGC 18 a safe investment.

The motor boasts a smooth start-up function and features an additional electronic overload protection. The restart protection, digital temperature monitoring and motor brake make the machine even safer and more durable. These functions make it easier for users to control the machine and ensure greater safety while working. Also practical: The speed of the AGC 18 can be continuously adjusted from 4500 to 8500 revolutions per minute, making it possible to always adjust it to the working material. Clever details that make the AGC 18 extremely robust and durable, while saving users money at the same time. The new cordless angle grinder will be available at specialist retailers from September 2019. Visit for further information.