The Sustainability and Environmental Committee (SEC) of trade body British Precast has drafted a Water Policy that sets out a framework to help its members implement water management policies.  

The new policy focusses on Monitoring, Minimising and Prioritising the use of different water sources, and the protection of the environment through good water stewardship. 

The document assesses the measurement and monitoring of water consumption and water handling across different operations in precast factories. 

It also offers guidance and examples of good practice in terms of wider sustainable water management. 

The British Precast Water Policy is consistent in message with the wider Mineral Products Association (MPA) Water Sustainability Strategy, published in 2017.  

In a statement accompanying the release of the document, British Precast, the trade association for precast concrete manufacturers and members of the supply chain, said: "It is vital that industries such as construction move to sustainable water stewardship models and help to ensure secure, safe water supplies for future generations. 

"Through the efforts of our membership and the commitments set out in the British Precast Sustainability Charter, the precast sector has already seen a 40% drop in water use over the last 10 years."

-> Download  the British Precast Water Policy