Market surveillance by the Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) has revealed “significant quantities of substandard pre-assembled industrial extension leads” are on sale in the UK.

The ACI said that “suppliers and end users who need cable suitable for outdoor use, should look for cable marked BS6004 and the UK cable code for arctic grade cable which is 3183A. Cables marked with H05VV-F are not intended and should not be used in harsh environments.”

Pre-assembled yellow units, sold as industrial extension leads designed for use in harsh environments (such as construction sites), have been found marked H05VV-F. These cables are ordinary duty flex and as such are not suitable for industrial use. A sheath of yellow or blue is commonly associated with arctic grade flexibles.

In December 2017, the ACI conducted market surveillance aimed at sampling the quality of arctic grade flexibles. Significant quantities of substandard arctic grade flexibles were discovered and the ACI published a warning to the electrical supply chain at this time.