One of the original team behind the invention of Aqualisa’s QuartzTM smart shower, has returned to the company in the newly created role of Director of Innovation, Product and Marketing.

Paul Pickford, who was the company’s Technical Director from 1995-2001, has been instrumental in the development of a number of award winning designs across his career.

In his previous time with Aqualisa, Pickford helped bring to the market a complete new range of concealed and exposed mixer valves with a range of handset kits, as well as the QuartzTM, the UK’s first digital shower, which won the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

He said: “Aqualisa has been one of the most exciting places I have worked at, so I am delighted to be back. When the QuartzTM digital shower was conceived in the late nineties we all thought it was going to be a game changer in the industry - and it was.

“To come back after all this time may be unusual, but very appealing and I have never felt so passionate about a new job. I have a lot more to do in this industry and I can’t wait to get started.”