RA Tech UK has been announced as joint-winners in the inaugural Travis Perkins Innovation Awards for its product range including hotun, hotun hiflo and hotun shield.

Russell Armstrong, inventor of the hotun range of products and managing director of RA Tech UK, said: “This award means so much to me and is a result of two and a half years of effort and personal investment. I am so proud that my product has been given such an accolade and recognition from the judges.”

By using hotun or hotun hiflo, a connection can now be made (subject to suitability of the waste and soil pipe) to the internal drain system, saving installers time and money by not having to drill through the fabric of the building. On condensing boilers it is now also permissible to connect the condensate pipe below the PRV hotun dry trap tundish to run both discharges to an internal drain in just one pipe.

Martyn Bridges, technical director of Worcester Bosch, said: “We encounter quite a number of installations where the PRV discharge pipe from a sealed system boiler has to follow a torturous route to reach an external termination position. Indeed, it is often the case that the boiler siting position is heavily influenced by the need for a simple route to an external termination point.

“hotun is a good solution to this issue of terminating PRV discharge pipes from a sealed heating system into a waste water system providing that the waste pipes are of a standard to accept the expected temperatures and pressures of the discharging water.”