As a previous winner of RGB Building Supplies’ Well Built Community Fund, Seaton Martial Arts Centre has been able to replace its damaged and unsafe floor, ensuring it can continue to offer martial arts to the local community for many years to come.

At the end of 2015, the centre received £1,000 from RGB to spend on materials at its Exmouth branch. The old floor had initially been laid back in 1987, but as it was recycled from the old Seaton cinema, it was approximately 100 years old.

Doug Rudge, Chairman of Seaton Martial Arts Centre, said: “We knew that part of the floor needed replacing, but we didn’t realise how bad it was until we took it all up. The donation enabled us to replace the whole of the floor in the main hall, the entrance lobby and gents changing rooms. The main hall alone measures 15m x 9m, so it was a big job.

“The new floor has made a massive difference and means the centre can continue to provide martial arts training. A huge thank you to RGB for choosing us as Community Fund beneficiaries and J&R Harvey Builders & Decorators for carrying out the work; we’re extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship.