Recticel Insulation is paving the way for the anticipated upturn in construction by investing in a new marketing campaign and website re-launch.

The new PIRFECTION marketing campaign will focus on the key benefits of the company’s PIR thermal insulation.

Marketing manager Daniel Pointon explained: “In this very competitive market, we need to highlight the benefits of all our products to all audiences and remind customers what sets us apart from others.

“More people need to know about our state-of-the-art processes, high specifications and the attention to detail that goes into ensuring Recticel products exceed the quality standards of the industry. Our products have high compression strengths, optimum stability, precision flatness, accurate straight edges, consistent cutting tolerances and an excellent thermal performance.

“These all result in the high quality and long-term insulation performance that customers have come to expect from one of the world’s largest PIR manufacturers. With our added marketing push, we are confident that even more customers will come to appreciate why Recticel should be their number one choice.”

The PIRFECTION marketing campaign will be rolled out across a variety of communications, including the new mobile responsive website, literature, display and online advertising and digital marketing.

Mr Pointon concluded: “As the focus on improving energy efficiency in the construction industry increases, insulation products that meet and exceed regulations will be key. Our continuous product development means we are well placed to provide customers with products that satisfy current building regulation specifications – vital during a time where an upturn in construction projects is forecasted.”