A patented and multi award winning in wall fixing system from sector specialist Coolag.

Alfie has been developed to simplify the installation of wall mounted taps, bar shower valves and many other brassware fittings, crucially offering both accuracy and protection for the connections during the period they are vulnerable to other trades prior to final fix.

Alfie is the invention of an experienced plumber and product innovator and is designed to overcome such problems as alignment, depth planning, rigidity, hot works, drilling tiles and the risk of concealed water leaks occurring within the wall. It is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and can be rapidly configured for either solid wall or hollow wall applications.

This versatility stems from the use of an easily repositioned manifold which is secured to either side of the base plate for setting into solid or hollow framework walls. Once configured, installers follow a simple, five-step process to complete the first fix.

In the case of a bar shower mixer, for instance, eight fixings appropriate to the wall substrate are used to secure the two interlocking back plates in position, Loctite 55 thread cord is wound around the supply pipe connection adaptor threads, before they are tightened into the manifolds. The same approach is then used to fit the threaded chrome tubes which, once tightened, stand solidly perpendicular to the wall at the required spacing. This stage is completed by covering the tubes with the protective sleeves provided.

Once wall-boarding, plastering or tiling is complete, the installer applies a generous amount of silicone around the tube(s) and rear of the chrome cover plate(s) and simply wound up to the finished wall.

The wall mounted taps or bar shower valves  are then positioned to determine what length of excess needs to be removed, the tubes duly marked and cut to length with an oscillating blade or appropriate metal cutting blade. Finally, the purposely designed Alfie dressing tool is pressed over the remaining section of tube using a battery drill to create a precise, flat end.

The Sales and Marketing Manager for Coolag, Oliver Pirret, comments: “Alfie has enormous potential for the plumbing and property industries and many sectors within the built environment. Alfie is proven to be 75% more time efficient to install than conventional methods, so works out far cheaper for the customer, whilst guaranteeing to prevent leaks, protecting the asset owners’ investment or stock.

Alfie avoids depth planning of fittings, pipes exiting a wall or the need to use offset adaptors. The interlocking base plates guarantee dimensional accuracy and a unique adjustable sealing disc and washer allows perfectly upright shower fittings. Basically everyone benefits from having a rapid and foolproof means of providing a sturdy mounting system. Alfie is manufactured from DZR brass for exceptional corrosion resistance and is fully WRAS approved.”

For further information please contact: Oliver Pirret, Sales & Marketing Manager, Coolag Ltd, Bradwell Hall, Bradwell on Sea, Essex, CM0 7HX. T. 07388 204363    Email: ollie@coolag.co.uk