The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of timber products, Richard Burbidge, has launched a new collection of ready-primed wall panelling kits designed to deliver faster and smoother finishes for interior design projects.

Richard Burbidge is a family-run business and a leading supplier of stairparts, mouldings, and decking accessories. The brand’s latest collection introduces a full range of PaintReady® Wall Panelling Kits, which arrive ready for fitting, with no sanding, filling, or priming needed.

Expanding their PaintReady® collection, Richard Burbidge introduces the PaintReady® Wall Panelling Kits following the success of their PaintReady® stairparts collection. Launched last November, the PaintReady® stairparts range offers time-efficient and cost-effective solutions for staircase renovations. Featuring a new water-based primer, the PaintReady® collection achieves a smoother, faster finish, streamlining the renovation process and expediting installations.

The new PaintReady® collection features four distinctive wall panelling kits, significantly expanding design possibilities and DIY projects. Within these kits, versatile squares, elongated rectangles, and half-wall variations provide endless creative opportunities for homeowners to easily install.

The high-quality mouldings are precisely cut and mitred to size, then coated with the primer, providing an ideal surface for paint application and final finishing, eliminating the need for sanding, filling, or priming and streamlining the installation process.

Users can experiment with various kit combinations to achieve their desired look, designed to allow them to effortlessly blend different kits and create a unique aesthetic ranging from traditional to contemporary or even eccentric styles.

Zoe Goff, Product Manager at Richard Burbidge, comments: “Our newly launched PaintReady® Wall Panelling Kits offer an affordable and convenient solution for interior renovations. As wall panelling continues to gain popularity in 2024, these kits present an ideal DIY option, eliminating the need for sanding, filling, or priming. Our aim is to provide customers with simplified installations, resulting in quicker and smoother finishes.”

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