Rockwool has overhauled its merchant sales team to give greater local support as demand for its insulation rises.

The team restructure sees the creation of ten Area Sales Executive roles, each with their own dedicated area of the UK and a wider remit of support and end-to-end service.

Covering the Northern Region are Rakesh Bhopal, Lewis Smith, Mark Hancock and Rebecca Ellwood. South-West of the UK is served by Nate Grant, Phil Notley, Richard Llewellyn and Sam Wilson, while the South-East is supported by Dom Mason and Chris Ludlow. 

Cameron Lee, National Sales Manager Merchants & DIY at Rockwool UK, explained: “To help merchants make the most of the growing market, we’ve revamped our team to make working with us as simple as possible, and enable our on-the-ground team to provide every aspect of support merchants need.

“We’ve also invested in new vehicles and livery, as well as our HGVs, to raise further awareness of Rockwool brand as our people and products travel up and down the country.”