Curtainsided lorry trailers are to display Olympia Tools’ Roughneck branding in a bid to maximise awareness of the hand tools and workwear range.

An agreement with the company’s haulage partner, Andyfreight, will see Roughneck advertising appear on two 13.6m curtainsided trailers.

The company says this approach to brand building typifies Olympia Tools’ commitment to innovation as a whole.

John Bramwell, managing director at Olympia Tools, said: “The Roughneck brand is already well known and well recognised by most tool stockists. By utilising the branded trailers we hope to build on that and increase brand recognition amongst tool users.”

The two Roughneck liveried trailers are part of a national fleet that deliver Roughneck products to stockists nationwide.

Olympia Tools also runs initiatives to support stockists, including access to high impact point-of-sale materials and product packaging designed to maximise sales.

Mr Bramwell said: “Olympia Tools has long recognised that our success is directly dependent on that of our stockists. That’s why we’re committed to providing them with a more rounded offer. This means the best products backed by innovative sales support. The use of the branded trailers is all part and parcel of that commitment.”