Over 60 people faced the damp weather to take part in the 11th edition of Smith Brothers Stores' Annual Fishing Event on 14 June at Mallory Park Fisheries in Leicestershire.

Customers, staff and suppliers from the Leicester, Northampton, Birmingham and Leeds branches were split and spread across nine lakes. The attendees had the opportunity to socialise, while fishers competed against each other.

The day, which was supported by Pegler Yorkshire, was divided into two different competitions: pleasure fishing and competitive match fishing.

The competitive anglers needed to get the biggest catches within an allotted time. Overall 3,182lb (1.4 Tonnes) of fish were caught, which is 957lb (0.5 Tonnes) fewer than last year. The calculated average weight per person is 70lb, 5lb lighter that last year.

After the anglers had taken refereshments and the scores had been calculated, the winners were announced and received their prizes from Jeff Robertshaw and Steve Jackson, respectively Former Joint Manager Director, and Area Sales Manager at Smith Brothers.

Lee Sutton from WM Building Services came third, weighing in at 159lb 10oz and Joe Oakes from Lockhurst Kitchens was in second place with 169lb 14oz. Carl Hulley from Dunchurch Services was declared the winner with the heaviest weight of 185lb 11oz.

At the other end of the scale, Stan Freeman from Measham Heating had the lowest weight with 23lb 13oz, although three anglers had decided not to weigh-in.

The best silver fish prizes (which discounts big carps) was awarded to Jon “well-done Jon” Pollard of Arthur Pollard Ltd, who came in at second place with 44lb 9oz, and to Joe Oakes, weighing in at 52lb 14oz.

Jeff Robertshaw, the organiser of the event, said: “Even though it was a bit soggy, I think everyone enjoyed the day and I have had lots of feedback to say what a great day it was… despite the weather!”