STAFFORDSHIRE: Processed, cut and made-to measure Glulam beams by Moelven Töreboda in Sweden, will be delivered to UK retail customers in just 6-8 days under a new collaborative business agreement between the company and SCA Timber Supply.

In this distribution collaboration, up to 600 cubic meters of stock, comprising beams of 15-20 varied dimensions from Moelven’s standard Glulam range, will be held ready for customisation at MLTS England. SCA Timber Supply will utilise their distribution network to deliver the customised Moelven beams to UK building material retailers. Any order above five cubic metres will be delivered directly from Moelven Töreboda Sweden to SCA Timber Supply in the UK.

The new service, aimed primarily at the UK merchant market, commences in November 2010. Moelven Töreboda in Sweden operates one of Europe’s most modern production facilities for high quality Glulam beams and is guaranteeing supplies to SCA.

“An excellent combination,” is how James Mursell, Moelven's UK-based director views the venture between the two companies. "Our aim is to provide to all SCA customers a range of quality Glulam beams competitively priced and delivered on time through SCA’s distribution network."

Rob Simpson, managing director of SCA Timber Supply, comments: “Linking Moelven’s well-known name with SCA Timber Supply’s efficient distribution capability will expand business options for our merchant customers. There’s a growing self-build movement in the UK, and with the existing repair, maintenance and home extensions market, the new Moelven-SCA service could increase profit potential for merchants.”

Roger Simonsson, CEO of Moelven Töreboda, adds: “Glulam is a strong and durable material. It has a long life span, low environmental impact and is a renewable material that is beautiful to work with.”