SIG Roofing’s Sittingbourne branch hosted a reopening event following an extensive refurbishment project.

At the event, roofing contractors and building professionals were invited to the branch to enjoy ‘one-off’ special offers from SIG Roofing and discounts on promotional items.

An expert team was on hand to give customers advice and support for projects, as well as refreshments for everyone in attendance.

External suppliers were also invited and had the opportunity to showcase their own offerings to customers.

The Sittingbourne branch is located on the Newington Industrial Estate. It was refurbished as part of a grand scheme from SIG Roofing to modernise their whole network and improve service.

Branch Manager Dean Crayford said: “We are extremely pleased with the success of the event and it was brilliant to see such a vast range of customers visiting throughout, both existing and new.

We are thrilled that our customers were just as pleased with the new branch refurbishment as we were, and we look forward to continue welcoming them with our newly improved services going forward.”

Pictured: Staff at the Sittingbourne branch.