The Scotland and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF ) says its new logo to capture the organisation’s vision and values as it unveils a new, mobile-friendly web presence.

The initiative is designed to help SNIPEF provide its 750 member firms and 3500 plumbing and heating professionals the advice and information they need to stay ahead in a fast-changing working environment.

Particular attention has been paid to making the new website compatible with mobile devices and increasing ease of navigation.

Fiona Hodgson, Chief Executive of SNIPEF, explained the thinking behind the new logo: “The blue waterdrop and the green flame illustrate the fundamental basis of the plumbing and heating profession.

“We chose a green flame to represent renewable and sustainable energy, something which is going to become increasingly important in coming years, given the UK and the devolved administrations’ commitment to meeting climate targets.”

The new logo:

The old logo:

Alicia Allen, Membership and Communications Manager at SNIPEF, who was closely involved with the rebranding exercise, added: “This is an important step for our organisation, which has a long history of anticipating the needs of its members and creating practical solutions which are relevant in the real world.

“The website offers members an enhanced digital experience and better reflects a modern and responsive organisation. The new logo, which lets clients know that members are trusted professionals, can be used on websites, social media, print material and vehicles.”

The new logo also carries a shorter tagline intended to clarify the organisation’s core competences and to suggest a sense of working together for a common purpose.

The website includes a host of new features, including a Members Only section and pages where the public can learn about the services available. It will provide information about upcoming events and details of training courses.

There will be information about the Approved Certifier scheme, which is of increasing importance to the industry, as well as a wide range of employment issues, from holiday and sick pay issues to hiring advice and guidance.

-> Visit the new SNIPEF website.