The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), adopted by the European Commission and the UK Government, comes into force in July 2013 and imposes many legal obligations on distributors of construction products – including merchants.

As a result CE marking becomes mandatory in the UK, and products placed on the market from 1 July 2013 that fall under the definition according to the regulation will have to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance and will need to display the CE mark.

All SPAX screws and threaded rods from 2.5mm x 12.0mm to 16.0mm x 3000mm for use in timber construction have achieved CE marking according to the European Technical Approval ETA-12/0114 in accordance with Eurocode 5.

In preparation for the introduction of the regulation, SPAX now presents its applicable products with labelling that includes the CE mark and the ETA approval.

Committed to adhering to the regulations, whilst others have migrated to low-wage countries, SPAX continues to manufacture in Germany and focuses on producing products of uncompromised quality with constant availability.

For further information about the SPAX range and accreditations, please refer to the company’s website or alternatively contact their UK sales office via or 01902 703355.