Safeguard Europe has created a compact kit form of its Drybase range.

It has been designed to provide a damp-proofing solution when the circumstances do not lend themselves to usual remedies. A collection of damp-proof coverings, coatings and membranes; the Drybase range aims to provide solutions to a wide range of dampness issues.

The kit form of Drybase simply comprises a 3.6m2 roll of Drybase Flex Membrane and two 10kg bags of Drybase Flex Adhesive.

Drybase Flex Membrane is a highly durable and flexible membrane for direct application to walls that have been affected by dampness and salt contamination. The fleece lined membrane can be quickly and easily applied to walls using the specially formulated adhesive. It can be plastered onto directly creating a versatile solution to the problem of damp walls, when it is not possible to stop the damp at its source.

Other products in the Drybase range include Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM and Drybase ECS Epoxy Floor Coatings and Drybase Flex Membrane.