Safeguard Europe – the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repair solutions – has introduced a stunning new Point of Sale (PoS) suite

Designed to not only help sell out its popular and fast-moving product lines; but also to inform and educate customers about this complex area of building repair and maintenance.

The display and literature offer is backed by a comprehensive training programme that will help branch staff make sense of the ranges for themselves; while guiding customers towards making the right product choices.

Among the new display materials are vertical boards, swing boards, freestanding display units, information guides and dispensers, and video units. The new PoS encompasses the commonest damp problems – such as penetrating and rising – and matches them with solutions from the company’s popular Dryzone, Stormdry and Drybase collections.

The freestanding display units can be flexibly stocked: either dedicated to a range – such as the Dryzone Express Replastering System – or to particular forms of damp and their specific solutions. Vertical display and swing boards combine diagnostic information – how to spot particular types of damp – combined with accessible product and ‘how to’ information.

Shelf-mounted video units play high-quality installation animations; while information dispensers – also shelf-mounted – allow for the easy distribution of essential technical, product and installation literature.

The Dryzone System from Safeguard is a complete rising damp renovation range that delivers permanent damp proofing solutions: from preventing moisture ingress through to specialist replastering and mould-resistant decorating materials.

Delivering two major benefits in just one convenient product, BBA and EST approved Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream not only stops rain penetrating external walls; but also boosts their thermal efficiency. Easily applied by either brush or roller, Stormdry cures colourlessly to the original finish of masonry in 12 hours and a single coat will protect masonry for up to 25 years.

The Drybase Damp-Proof Coatings range from Safeguard Europe is designed for application to interior surfaces where it is not possible to treat dampness at its source. A collection of damp-proof coverings, coatings and membranes; the range aims to provide solutions to a wide range of dampness issues, whether in small residential properties through to larger industrial facilities.

For counter and branch personnel, Safeguard’s qualified and experienced staff can offer technical advice and support to merchants on understanding and selling damp-proofing solutions. In-store training can be provided on all relevant products to both staff and valued customers. Safeguard’s technical staff are available, via phone, to instantly answer questions during normal business hours.

Safeguard Europe Ltd, Redkiln Close, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5QL