Salus continues to set its sights firmly on the underfloor heating (UFH) controls sector with the launch of an Auto Balancing Actuator. Specifically designed to balance the flow of water through the UFH circuit, this latest solution should help eradicate hot and cold spots; thereby improving home comfort and heating efficiency.

Unlike conventional actuators, the new Auto Balancing Actuator performs the function of both thermal actuator and flow regulator, resulting in two functions in one unit.

Complete with two remote sensors that are placed on the flow and return pipes from the manifold, the actuator constantly monitors the temperatures and will adjust the flow rate to maintain a delta of 7℃ for the UFH circuit. This is the ideal temperature differential between the emitter flow and return pipes; thereby balancing and optimising system performance.

With a very low power consumption of just 0.5W and the Auto Balancing Actuator has a speedy opening and closing action of around 30 seconds. It comes with a five-year warranty.